Digital varnishing and digital metallization –
achieving maximum efficiency

DM-Maxliner 3D


Spot coating, relief varnishing, and metallization - all in one operation and applied with digital technology.

The digital all-in-one sheet finishing solution, which combines the varnishing know-how of Steinemann DPE and the metallization expertise of KURZ, sets completely new standards in terms of performance and flexibility of digital embellishment.

As a result, our customers can benefit from enormous quality, productivity, efficiency, and versatility on an industrial scale.

High performance with the DM-Maxliner 3D
Digital sheet embellishment. Efficient. Industrial. 

With outputs of up to 10,000 sheets/h (pure inkjet UV varnish application) and up to 5,100 sheets/h (with DIGITAL METAL® application), the DM-MAXLINER can boost the finishing performance of professional printers in all areas: from packaging and commercial printing to web-to-print and letterpress.

Minimum setup times, maximum flexibility in terms of substrates and formats, and fast job productions increase efficiency and keep production costs low. The industrial design stands for reliability, durability, and low maintenance.
Our DM-Maxliner 3D is the professional solution for printers who want to future-proof their business, stand out from the competition, differentiate themselves, and win new customers with innovative applications.

Assets of the DM-Maxliner 3D

Top performance in digital varnishing and brilliant DIGITAL METAL® effects in a new dimension:


Maximum efficiency

DIGITAL METAL® and digital varnish applications in one run (single pass)


Maximum profitability

Very short set-up times, low varnish consumption, little maintenance, high-speed production


Maximum speed

Up to 10.000 sheets/h, up to 80 m/min - varnishing only 
Up to 5.100 sheets/h, up to 50 m/min - only DIGITAL METAL®


Maximum quality

600 dpi resolution for perfect surfaces and filigree structures


Maximum availability

Industrial design, simple operation, quick job change


Maximum flexibility

Modular machine concept with numerous options


Maximum applications

Flat or raised metallization or varnishing effects, 
gloss or matte varnishing effects


Maximum sustainability

Foil indexing and economical ink changing system


Maximum support

System solutions with machines, software, consumables, and services - all from one source



Experience digital sheet embellishment at its best with our DM-Maxliner 3D. 


Technical data

Technical data of DM-Maxliner 3D

Substrate SI unitsU.S. units
Sheet size (width x length)DM-MAXLINER 106max. 1,080 x 780 mmmax. 42.5 x 30.5 in
  min. 290 x 320 mmmin. 11.4 x 12.6 in
 DM-MAXLINER 76max. 760 x 760 mmmax. 30 x 30 in
  min. 290 x 310 mmmin. 11.4 x 12.2 in
Working speed* 15 - 100 m/min50 - 328 fpm
Digital Inkjet Varnishing   
Inkjet system UV – DoD – Inkjet – single pass
Native resolution 600 dpi600 dpi
Varnish lay down (with redundant inkjet system optional) 4 – 50 (4 - 100) g/m²2.7 - 33.8 (2.7 - 67.6) lbs
Register accuracy +/- 0.2 mm+/- 0.0078 in
Varnish type special UV Inkjet varnish
Print data PDF (standard), BMP, TIFF, ...
Machine dimensions (length x height x width)DM-MAXLINER 10612 x 2.8 x 2.5 m39.4 x 9.2 x 8.2 ft
 DM-MAXLINER 7612 x 2.8 x 2.2 m39.4 x 9.2 x 7.2 ft


Technical data DM-unit for DIGITAL METAL®
Performance SI unitsU.S. units
Working speed* 15 - 100 m/min50 - 162 fpm
DIGITAL METAL®application parameters   
Number of simultaneously mountable DM-webs 1 bis 71 bis 7
Transfer metallization KURZ DIGITAL METAL® DT-S
Glue type special UV inkjet glue
Machine dimensions (length x height x width)DM-MAXLINER 1061.5 x 2.8 x 2.5 m4.9 x 9.2 x 8.2 ft
 DM-MAXLINER 761.5 x2.8 x 2.2 m4.9 x 9.2 x 7.2 ft


* Depending on sheet size, in-house conditions, sheet humidity, used substrates, sheet formats, used varnish, sheet distance, varnish lay down and sheet weight.
All technical data represent approximation values. Steinemann DPE reserves the right to make mechanical and design modifications.


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Steinemann DPE single source
system solutions

Steinemann DPE, together with Leonhard KURZ, offers outstanding, high-quality system solutions for industrial, digital metallization and digital varnishing.

From the machine to the transfer metallization to the ink, we offer you all components from a single source – perfectly matched to each other.


To achieve the best possible results, you need to use the right consumables that are optimized for your machine and your needs.

We will be happy to guide you.


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From machine maintenance to troubleshooting, our service team is here to help.


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Wear and tear is inevitable when machines are used intensively. We provide replacements.


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Learn how sustainable print enhancement is possible with Steinemann DPE systems.


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