Flexible embellishment module for upgrading existing or new machines with digital embellishment solutions

DM-Flexliner 3D


Digital varnishing or digital metallization - easy and flexible to integrate whenever and wherever you want

The DM-Flexliner 3D is designed to be a flexible and easy to integrate OEM digital embellishment module. 

With the DM-Flexliner 3D, you have the opportunity to enhance your narrow-web machine platforms with a range of digital embellishment processes. Whether it's on narrow-web flexo, offset, or digital printing machines, or narrow-web converting machines, the DM-Flexliner 3D offers versatile options. You can retrofit the DM-Flexliner 3D to existing machines or use it as a pre-integrated OEM digital embellishment module on new machines.


Flexible integration of digital embellishment with the DM-Flexliner 3D on narrow-web machines.
Modular. Industrial.

The DM-Flexliner 3D gives you flexibility and freedom of application: You can digitally varnish or, if configured, digitally metallize. Thanks to the "inkjet on substrate" technology, the module offers individual flexibility for your embellishment process and enables you to achieve flat and haptic effects from 4 to 100 μm. 

The DM-Flexliner 3D offers impressive quality in digital metallization or digital varnishing with excellent surfaces and filigree structures, suitable for thin and thick layers.



Assets of the DM-Flexliner 3D

The OEM module for digital flat or raised varnishing or metallization effects is ready to use in your printing or converting process.


Flexible integration

Easily integrated into existing or new machines


Freedom of application

Flat or relief varnishing and metallization, gloss, or matte embellishments


Impressive quality

600 dpi resolution for perfect surfaces and filigree structures, suitable for thin or thick layers


High availability

Industrial design, simple operation


Highest profitability

Low ink consumption, very short set-up times, low maintenance requirements



See our DM-Flexliner 3D module at Labelexpo Europe. It is the perfect complement to the Gallus Labelfire press.


Technical data

DM-FLEXLINER 3D - Specifications (SI units)
Web widthmax. 440 mm
Substrate thicknessmax. 0.7 mm
Print system
Inkjet system:Drop on Demand, Single Pass
Native resolution:600 dpi
Vanish lay down ²)³):2 - 100 g/m²
Print speed ¹):10 - 60 m/min
Register accuracy:+/- 0.15 mm
Image format:PDF
Data transfer:USB, Hotfolder
Dimension / Weight 
Dimension (LxHxW):800 x 800 x 1600 mm
Modul net weight:tbd


1) = depending on varnish lay down and substrate type
2) = Depending on working speed
3) = Depending on varnish type and surface tension
All technical data represent approximation values. Steinemann DPE reserves the right to make mechanical and design modifications.


Narrow web

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