Digital varnishing and digital metallization -
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DM-Uniliner 3D


Spot coating, relief varnishing and metallization – all in one operation, applied with digital technology

With the DM-Uniliner 3D, design ideas for small to medium-sized product series and special editions can be brought to life in the narrow web. At its core, the DM-Uniliner 3D utilizes Steinemann DPE's industrially proven inkjet technology for varnishing, seamlessly integrated with the cutting-edge KURZ DIGITAL METAL® technology.


High Performance with DM-Uniliner 3D.
Digital embellishment on the Narrow Web. Efficient. Industrial.

With the DM-Uniliner 3D, you can achieve fascinating effects and create exciting designs in a single step through digital metallization and digital varnishing. The machine's "inkjet on substrate" technology offers unparalleled flexibility for the embellishment process, allowing for flat and haptic effects ranging from 4 to 100 μm.

Designs can be metallized either before or after CMYK printing. With a print resolution of 600 dpi, the DM-Uniliner 3D ensures impressive metallization and varnishing quality, resulting in excellent surfaces and intricate structures, suitable for both thin and thick layers. Moreover, the digital metallization can be over-varnished and protected using digital UV spot varnish.



Modular based on investment readiness

The option of scalable components makes it possible to enter into digital embellishment with a lower initial investment, with the ability to expand the machine’s capabilities as the workload grows. Alternatively, you can choose the fully equipped configuration right from the start.

In the basic configuration, the machine is equipped with only one printing tower. This allows either digital UV varnishing or digital metallization to be applied in a single pass. If both embellishments are required for the same job, two passes are required.

The twin configuration has two printing towers. This means that digital varnishing and digital metallization can be applied in one pass. The significant advantage is that if the job requires both finishes, it only needs to go through once.


Assets of the DM-Uniliner 3D

Top performance in digital varnishing and brilliant DIGITAL METAL® effects in a new dimension:


Absolute productivity

Digital application of metallization and spot varnishing in a single pass
Low varnish consumption, fast job changeover, very short set-up times, low maintenance due to industrial design



Up to 100 m/min - varnishing only
Up to 70 m/min - DIGITAL METAL® only

Outstanding quality

600 dpi resolution for perfect surfaces and filigree structures, suitable for thin or thick layers, protection of digital metallization by digital UV spot varnishing


Enormous application versatility

Flat or relief varnishing and metallization, gloss, or matte embellishments - even on non-deformable plastics


Investment security

Scalable components make it possible to start with a lower investment and expand the machine later as needed.



Witness the DM-Uniliner 3D in action and experience digital embellishment for narrow web at its best.


Technical data

DM-UNILINER 3D - Spezifications (SI units)
Web widthmin. 100 - max. 340 mm
Core diameter (3''):75 mm
Roll diameter unwind and rewind:max. 800 mm
Print system
Inkjet system:Drop on Demand, Single Pass
Native resolution:600 dpi
Varnish lay down ²)³):4 - 50 g/m²
Print speed ¹):10 - 100 m/min
Register accuracy:+/- 0.15 mm
Image format:PDF
Data transfer:USB, Hotfolder
Web width:min. 50, max. 330 mm
Number of webs on the shaft:bis max. 6
Core diameter (3''):75 mm
Roll diameter:max. 300 mm
Stamping speed (depending on stamping size area):15 - 50 m/min
Dimension / Weight     
Dimension (LxHxW):4,000 (5,000 º) x 2,000 x 2,600 mm
Module net weight:    ca. 5,250 (6,750 º) kg


1) = depending on varnish lay down and substrate type
2) = Depending on working speed
3) = Depending on varnish type and surface tension
0) = Twin configuration
All technical data represent approximation values. Steinemann DPE reserves the right to make mechanical and design modifications.

Narrow web 

Labels not only inform, they convince. Digital finishing can make the difference - even for short and medium run lengths.  


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